Guy writes and composes all of his songs and with the help of his band members Nir Shaked (Guitar), Mor Uzan (Guitars), Denis Fortoos (Drums) and his legendary producer and bass player Avi Ifrach, have begun the journey of their lives after the release of their first single”Breaking Down” from their forthcoming debut album.

The second single “Stay Away” which is one of the craziest song I’ve ever written, not just because it took nearly a decade to finish, but also because I wrote it during a time I was in the worst mental state one could be in.

In those moments I felt like some kind of a infectious virus that spreads nothing but selfishness, my inability to understand that my actions bore real consequences to those I loved so much.

It was me pushing–actually FORCING–everyone that loved me to STAY AWAY… as if I was cold blooded.

Stay Away was born in the dungeons this world has to offer anyone who dares to walk this idiotic path, I ended up walking it, eating it, drinking it, and finally wearing it up… the song is now done.

Thank you for everything, may this song serve you in your moments of need in life. ITS ON NOW ON YouTube and GUYMUSIC.COM !!! DON’T FU@#!KINGGG MISS THIS !@!!@#!3 (some very very special people have worked their butts off to make this one of the best music videos you’ll see in 2020! GUARANTEED!@#)